What is The Art Journey Podcast?


Welcome to The Art Journey Podcast! This podcast is all about sharing the stories of artists in all walks on life, just like you! Learn the ins and outs, the ups and downs, of leading a creative career and life. How did your favorite artists get to where they are and how can you do it too?

My goal is to tell the stories of artists in different stages of their careers and share their tips, secrets, and milestones! Along the way, I also want to show you that you are not alone in your struggles as an artist and that even the most successful artists share the same feelings and experiences you are going through. Join me weekly on your favorite podcast app and let’s enjoy this wonderful journey together!


Your Host: Aleks Agosto


Aleks Agosto is a Puerto Rican illustrator based in Baton Rouge. She’s a Jewelry Design graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology who won 2nd Place for Outstanding Costume Jewelry Design in the FIT Next Generation Award back in 2013. She was offered a position designing jewelry for Betsey Johnson but turned it down because she felt the jewelry design world was not a good fit for her.

Today she works on improving her illustration work and seeking out wisdom from other artists who have paved the way.